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For Entertainment Purposes Only

This is actually one beginning of a story called The Last Captain. While this is a beginning there are a number of other stories that intersect with and branch off from this story. Some stories have yet to be written, while other stories are a taste of what is to come in the next part of this story. Then there is a small but growing collection of stories that have nothing to at all to do with this story except that they are part of the stored library in the ship’s computer which is a character in the story you can talk to and play with; an A.I. Experiment we are working on.

There is so much to this story. It is not enough for us to just tell you the story; we want to show it to you in real life too. We want you to be able to reach out and touch real walls and push real buttons. We want you to become part of the story and what we are trying to do. United Earth for Peace is our end goal. It is why we tell our stories to entertain you. It is why we have stores that go with our stories. It is why we can’t sit idly by and do nothing.  Help us to grow and become something more than we are right now.