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We believe it’s time for a little anarchy. Our T-shirts express the politically charged idea of a little anarchy that takes us back as a country, as families, as individuals, to a time when common sense made sense and freedom was more than just a word in the dictionary.

Time for a little anarchy - Time to stand up and stand out and let the government know we don't like the way things are.

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   “Hello, my name is Susan, I’m the robotics engineer onboard the Galactic Enterprise. I’m supposed to introduce you to some of the robots and androids you will encounter on the ship. To save us some time and questions, yes, I’m a cyborg. I am, as some of you may know, the first true cybernetic enhanced human. What most of you probably don’t know is that I pretty much began what is now modern day cybernetics. After a car accident that cost me my legs, left arm, and a few other body parts I developed robotic parts to replace my missing limbs and other parts. Thus I became the first true cyborg.”

   “However, being the first cyborg did not come without a price. After a while the microchips implanted in my brain began to cause me problems. Now I require a zero gravity environment in order to survive. I have since corrected the flaw in my original design but that only helped everyone after me. The operation to correct my mistake would be just as fatal to me as if I had stayed on Earth.”


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