Color-it Posters

Color-It Posters are the individual pages from the Galactic Coloring Book created more than 18 years ago. Originally a number of people thought they were created digitally on a computer. But, they were actually collages painstakingly created layer by layer with each layer digitally photographed prior to adding the next layer. A process that continued  until the final layer was added and photographed becoming the individual pictures you see here.

The Galactic Coloring Book was also an artistic journey of sorts and the creation of a technique that allowed me to create pictures that had a near 3D quality about them.

Prices can range from $8 to more than a $100 depending on the size. The high quality of paper used seriously impacts the cost of the posters and some of the given prices which can be based on a lower quality of paper.

All products are the property R. B. Chandler.  They are protected under US copyright laws. Some artistic products may contain nudity.

The Challenge

You have to kiss a lot of frogs…

The Rendezvous

In Defense of the Realm

Small Encounters

In Harms Way

Guardian of the Deep

A Mermaid's Pet

Hunters of the Deep

The Eldest Daughter

In Pursuit of a Legend

A Moonlight Flight

A Future History of Space Travel

War Games

Jupiter Survey

Threading the Eye

Asteroid Mining Station

The Pinta, the Nina, and the Santa Maria

Frogonian Tourists


Chasing Butterflies

Waiting for Dinner

While in the middle of the Galactic Coloring Book this picture represents the culmination of a journey. The Eldest Daughter took every bit of 3 months to make and then some. Each fish was copied and individually cut-out and pasted into place layer after layer. The cost to make this one picture was well over a hundred dollars mostly because of the high cost of making digital copies at the time.

Looking back, I could have done this picture on a computer a lot faster but in the process something of the technique developed would have been lost, if indeed ever found at all.

There is a much larger expanded version that challenges the mind and creates an illusion part of our Masterpiece  Collection below.

One picture could often become parts and pieces for another picture. One fish became a whole school of fish, a couple of sea gulls in one picture became the foreground and background of another picture.

You know the thing about the future is that it has a way of becoming the present. I've always wanted to update A Future History...

Frogonian Tourists was the first faltering steps on an artistic journey that showed promise and left me groping for a better method at the same time. While very primitive we included it in the Galactic Coloring Book because it was the documentation of a journey and it was the first step.

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Masterpiece Collection

Large Color-It Posters, combined images from all the pictures and or elements of the pictures above to form our masterpiece collection.

Is the dragon about to pounce on the knight or clinging to the mountain wall below the castle? Are the mermaids on the bottom of the sea or floating in the air? It is all in how you look at it.

Against Impossible Odds

Sirens of the Sea

Falling Behind

Galactic Enterprise Commissary

Space Center

A Future History of Space Travel (Expanded)

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