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Color-It Posters are the individual pages from the Galactic Coloring Book created more than 18 years ago. Originally a number of people thought they were created digitally on a computer. But, they were actually collages painstakingly created layer by layer with each layer digitally photographed prior to adding the next layer. A process that continued  until the final layer was added and photographed becoming the individual pictures you see here.

The Galactic Coloring Book was also an artistic journey of sorts and the creation of a technique that allowed me to create pictures that had a near 3D quality about them.

All products are the property R. B. Chandler.  They are protected under US copyright laws. Some artistic products may contain nudity.

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Her name was Aria; she was a Sally Ann Service Android. Lieutenant Jay Canfield was a Starfighter; it was a hopeless love doomed from the start. She was completely female only in her electronic brain but that did not stop her from loving him.

He was a new age knight, a defender of Earth. At first he tried to fight how he felt about her because of what others might think. It was a losing battle and he finally gave into feelings that most of humanity considered a perversion of nature.

They each risked much if they were caught and so they stole moments in dark corners whenever they could.

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Color-It Posters

Black and white coloring posters that inspired our whole Color-It Collection most of which is designed to be colored or painted by you.

Artistic Creations

Whether on canvas, paper, ceramic, or fabric, our creations span the vastness of space and time, Heaven and Hell, and every place in between in the universe as we find the time to sit down and create them as the mood and inspiration strikes us.

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